Coaching for Men

In today’s world, we men are facing increasing challenges in all aspects of our lives. These challenges can seem overwhelming at times, often resulting in stress, depression, anger and many times escalating into bankruptcy, foreclosure and divorce.

The three key areas of a man’s life are (1) relationships (2) mission/ career/ business & (3) spirit or spiritual life. My mission and purpose as a coach is to support men in creating and maintaining more peace, purpose, passion and success in these three key areas. If you feel like something in your life isn’t right, but you can’t quite put your finger on exactly what it is, I can help you clarify the problem and what to do about it.

Men often do well in one or even two of these areas at a time, but find it difficult to be good at all three areas simultaneously.  Sometimes a problem ends up being all about a critical weakness in a particular area. Other times it’s simply more about finding a better/ right balance between these three essential areas. If it’s about balance, I can be of great assistance.

If the problem is specific to one of the areas, here is a little more info on how one of my coaching sessions can help:

If you are actively dating or interested in getting started, I can help you greatly reduce and even avoid unnecessary pain and suffering and greatly speed up your learning curve.

This includes, if needed, helping you figure out if you are dating the right or wrong person. It would include how to know who would be right and who to say no to, in the future.

If you’re already in a committed relationship and it’s pretty rocky, or you’re just wanting to smooth some ruff edges, I can help. One out of the many significant ways I can do so, is by working with you on how to show up more Masculinely Empowered.  Two other key areas I can be of great help with are communication and intimacy skills.

If it turns out that you need work with your mission, we can increase your passion and success in life by working together to clarify and empower your mission.

In our first session we’ll clarify what you want to work on, outline our methods and approach and begin the work. I already have sufficient knowledge, techniques and experience to help you effectively deal with potential key issues in the areas mentioned above. However, as important as this is to our success, the coaching aspect of what I do is equally, if not more important. So for more on my coaching approach, please click to review my brief one page “Intro to Coaching” which outlines some of my critical coaching essentials:

 If you still have some questions or concerns about my ability to help you with a specific issue, please call 800-639-4505 or e-mail me at




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