Coaching for Men

In today’s world, we men are facing increasing challenges in all aspects of our lives. These challenges can seem overwhelming at times, often resulting in stress, depression, anger and many times escalating into bankruptcy, foreclosure and divorce. The three key areas of a man’s life are (1) relationships (2) mission/ career/ business & (3) spirit or spiritual life. My mission and purpose as a coach is to support men in creating and maintaining more peace, purpose, passion and success in these three key areas. If you feel like something in your life isn’t right, but you can’t quite put your […]


Introduction to Coaching

People in every walk of life enjoy the benefits of personal development coaches; it’s not just for professional athletes, singers, and movie stars anymore. Whatever interest or field of expertise you can imagine-somebody somewhere can help you get better at what you do. Thanks to technology, we can now connect with one another and share knowledge as we never have before. The information and resources we have available at a click are a tremendous asset in this journey but the ability to convey deep wisdom or affect a lasting influence on the development of personal habits-cannot be tweeted or blogged into being.


Coaching Programs for Singles

If you are single and looking for the love of your life, the old adage “Know Thy Self” is all-important.  Our Self-Discovery and Readiness coaching/education will help you examine “Who you are” and “What you want” in a deeper way than you have ever experience. If you have been through our Self-Discovery and Readiness coaching or taken our teleseminar,  and are now ready to dive into the dating world and do it right, our Attraction coaching/education is perfect for you.  We will guide you, advise you and ensure that you don’t settle for less than you deserve. Are you in a […]

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