Interview Highlights From Our May 2013 Men’s Telesummit

If you were unable to attend any or all of the live interviews or were just wanting to re-listen to select portions from some of your favorites, below you will find many fantastic audio highlights from our Men’s Telesummit interviews. We’ve included valuable written commentary with each highlight. They are organized in alphabetical order by speaker’s first name. Clicking on the speakers name will take you to their bio. You may find that some of these audio highlights are so good, you’ll end up listening to them again and again. Thanks again for joining us today and helping to make our ongoing event and growing community a big success.

These highlights are your opportunity to get a very real experience of the event, and its value. At the same time, each speaker’s highlight is made up of only 3 – 10 minutes or about 5 – 15% of the full interview. There is still plenty of additional knowledge and wisdom to be discovered and enjoyed within each and every one hour interview.

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Debra PonemanSeeds For the Soul: Living a Life Beyond Happy

These five excellent highlights provide a fantastic review of key success principles. They were taken from her May 8th interview and all are focused on highly valuable, essential and quite powerful success principles.  Since Deb does such a good job of explaining them and providing real life examples, these highlights have the potential to provide wonderful value as a reminder to those already familiar with the principles, as well as to those being exposed to them for the first time.

Success Principle # 1A-  One of the quickest ways to success is by focusing on helping others to be successful.

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Success Principle # 1B

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Success Principle # 2-  When you have a good idea, you can be pretty sure that creation is saying it wants your involvement and assistance in bringing that idea more fully into the world.

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Success Principle # 3-  Yes, of course there will be challenges, so at some point it will become essential to take a step from which there is no turning back.

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Success Principle # 4-  A discussion of the importance of using “visualization” in the manifestation process.

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Dennis Lewis: Free Your Breath, Free Your Life

More great insights and powerful highlights- here is a marvelous 6 ½ minute segment from our interview with Dennis Lewis. He begins by talking about the connection between breath and spirit. He then continues with the difference between doing and being, the application and importance of being to breath-work, and the critical need for men to learn how to be better at being.

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Lion GoodmanConfused About Love? Rewire Your Brain and Renew Your Passion

We feel like we discovered a real gem while re-listening to Lion Goodman’s interview. We couldn’t wait to share it with you. It’s a 9 minute highlight and what we found so valuable about this segment, is that it goes into a bunch of step by step details, about how to effectively bring an escalating relationship crisis back to a place of functional harmony and connection, relatively quickly. For us, what he describes feels very simple, natural and very down to earth, and seems like a very reliable way of getting much better results in what can often be a very volatile, difficult and potentially damaging situation.

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Ryan HarrisHow To Align Your Work With Your Life Purpose

On May 15th, Prosperity Coach, Ryan Harris gave a fantastic interview that demonstrated his skill in combining real depth and insight with common sense and practical instruction.

Here Ryan talks about how challenging experiences in his personal life led to his understanding of the importance of really knowing your Life Purpose

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This segment focuses more on the need and benefits of a Life Purpose Statement

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This touches on the importance of identifying Core Values in the process of successfully creating a Life Purpose Statement and starts to go into the process

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Examples of Life Purpose Statements

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Sai Maa for Summit

Sai Maa: Passion: The Key to Success in All Areas of Life

Here is a highly valuable and insightful 15-minute highlight from Sai Maa’s Interview.

She starts by encouraging us to be aware that we are always choosing between fear/ contraction and love/ expansion. Sai Maa then discusses how the typical man’s upbringing has cut him off from his feelings, thereby isolating him from his Inner Self.  She also describes the process of how this suppression builds and the many ways it negatively impacts a man’s life.

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Susan BrattonFull Integrity Seduction

Wow, during her May 21st interview, Susan Bratton generously revealed a simple yet almost fool-proof way of boosting a man’s success in the romance and intimacy department. Her advice can lead to significantly more satisfaction and success whether it be marriage, a long term relationship or a dating situation, even if the man has little or no previous experience or success. Ultimately, it’s about creating a lot more fun and excitement for both partners and something every man needs to try for himself.

The following five highlights get right to the heart of it and are only from 46 seconds to 3 minutes long and will take less then 10 minutes of your time:

1) This Highlight introduces the possibility and importance of knowing how to get a yes from your woman every time.

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2) How and why getting a yes from your wife, girlfriend or lover is very different then getting a yes in a business situation.

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3) Its essential for a man to learn how to provide the woman in his life with multiple options and choices.

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4) Give her the opportunity, again and again, to say yes to your choices and you will notice a corresponding and growing increase in her level of appreciation, relaxation and pleasure when she is with you.

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5) How & why to continue to build the momentum and skill in providing choices and offers to the woman in your life and why you’ll always end up happy with the outcome.

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Don’t forget to download the free eBook that contains the notes of the entire call with Susan and the three conversation starters. Link to Free eBook

This is just the tip of the iceberg concerning the great knowledge that Susan has to offer.


Larry Crane: A Simple and Proven Way to Unconditional Love!

Here Larry Crane talks about the mission of his mentor, Lester Levinson, which was to show people how to turn their lives around by teaching them how to much more fully and easily love themselves.

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To accomplish his mission, Lester developed and began teaching the Release Technique. In this segment, Larry begins this segment by talking about the Release Technique within the context of the Teachings of Jesus and Buddha.

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Larry goes on the say that the Release Technique is designed to work for everyone on all their issues.

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During the interview, Larry did four Live Release Technique sessions with our audience. This is the third session and they are dealing with a problem concerning a long term friendship.

Each session is principally comprised of key questions. In this session, Larry relies on the following two questions: “Could you let go of disapproving of her” and “Could you her give her more approval”?

He also makes a couple of very key points. He says it’s important to recognize that we are all sending and receiving even when we aren’t talking. Larry goes on to say that real- unconditional love is the cure for anything and everything, and by unconditional love, he doesn’t mean the giving of material things or the doing of favors for people.

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Here is a brief glimpse into the fourth session and a chance to see the Release Technique being applied to a health issue. Here Larry is working with me, Host Lewis Denbaum, concerning long term Back pain. Some of the key questions for this session are: “Can you let go of disapproving of your Back”, “Can you let go more”, “Can you give your Back some approval” and “Can you give your Back some more approval”?

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