MP3 Audio Recordings Of Speaker Interviews From The May 2013 Telesummit


In May of 2013, twenty five renowned experts participated in a Telesummit that focused exclusively on men. Over 2000 people registered for the event. During twenty three interviews, our experts spoke on numerous topics and discussed many of the most critical challenges facing men in today’s world. They shared much sage advice and offered lots of incredibly valuable knowledge. They also provided many powerful and practical solutions to very real and difficult issues and problems.

Each interview is an hour long. During the last 15 minutes of each interview most include a lively Q & A session.

Complete audio recordings of all interviews are available starting at only $4.97 each and for as little as $1.40 each, depending on the total number of interviews ordered. For more details about discount pricing and our special package that includes all 23 interviews from a Men’s Telesummit  plus 6 wonderful bonus e-books worth $127, see below for more details.

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Sample Them For Yourself

The best way for you to measure the real value of our Men’s Telesummit interviews is to sample them for yourself. Here is a wonderful 9 minute highlight by Lion Goodman. The title of his talk is “Confused about Love? Rewire Your Brain and Renew Your Passion”.  Listen to this excerpt from Lion Goodman’s Interview.

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What we found so valuable about this segment, is that it goes into a bunch of step by step details, about how to effectively bring an escalating relationship crisis back to a place of functional harmony and connection, relatively quickly. For us, what he describes feels very simple, natural and very down to earth, and seems like a very reliable way of getting much better results in what can often be a very volatile, difficult and potentially damaging situation.

Click this link to enjoy an assortment of fantastic highlights from many of our wonderful  interview sessions: Speaker Audio Highlights


Quantity         Price

1 – 2                $4.97 each

3 – 6:               $3.97 each (less 20 %)

7 – 10:             $2.98 each (less 40%)

All 23 only:        $34.27 (less 70% / only $1.49 ea inteview + 6 bonus e-books)

All 23 Interviews

A Special Package of MP3 Audio Recordings

Receive all 23 Interview MP3’s plus 6 great bonus e-books by our renowned Telesummit Speakers for only $34.27. You receive 6 valuable bonuses worth $127 and end up paying only $1.49 per interview which is 70% off the regular price.

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For the most complete and detailed info on each talk and to place an order, click on this link to our Online Store: Online Store & Information Page.

Bonus E-Books

1) Menlightenment: Cultivating The Virtues of True Manhood by Lion Goodman: $25.00

2) A New Conversation with Men by Michael Taylor: $9.95

3) Attracting Your Financial Abundance: Key Principles and Tips You Should Have Been Taught in School But Never Were! by Ryan Harris: $27.00

4) Stepping Into Greatness by Daniel Guteirrez: $19.95

5) Madly in Love Forever: A Guide to True and Everlasting Love: $17.95

6) How to Get Her to Say Yes to You by Susan Bratton: $27

For more info and details about our 6 great bonus e-books, click on this link: Bonus Materials

 Speakers & Topics

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