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Lion Goodman

Menlightenment: Cultivating the Virtues of True Manhood

This 50+ page book has 15 reflections on what 21st Century Masculinity looks like, and offers advice (man-to-man, no B.S.) for becoming a better man, a better father, and a better human being. This book helps men develop the four qualities that make them irresistible: power, passion, purpose and presence.


Michael Taylor

A New Conversation With Men eBook

This book written to empower men to create a new paradigm of masculinity that supports them in living extraordinary lives. In this new paradigm, men learn that it is important for them to be in touch with their emotions, maintain dynamic health, find their passions in life, develop a spiritual connection that nurtures their soul and give back to their communities in some way. It is a book that is starting a revolution for men around the globe to learn to become genuinely happy with their lives.


Susan Bratton

How to Get Her to Say "Yes" to You

The information Susan shares with you in this eBook is a fundamental skill that will benefit you your whole life, not just in dating, but in your career and personal life. She introduces new techniques entitled “making small offers” and “running a menu.” Notice how much ease comes to both you and the other person when you give them options. You’ll see for yourself how effective this concept is in putting you in charge while simultaneously being in service to the other party.


Ryan Harris

Attracting Your Financial Abundance: Key Principles and Tips You Should Have Been Taught in School But Never Were!

Prosperity Coach Ryan A Harris shares tools and techniques you can use to attract financial abundance. This information should be taught in schools because it is fundamental to the financial wellbeing of everyone in modern society. This eBook is a series of three lessons on exciting facets of the art of attracting prosperity and abundance into your life. These lessons have been adapted from various lessons that I present as part of the Abundance Now Group Coaching Program, the Creating Wealth from the Inside Out Financial Prosperity Home Study Course, and from private 1-1 client coaching sessions with my clients. They have been compiled here in this unique E-book format for the first time specifically for your benefit! If you are at all interested in working with the Law of Attraction to be happier, more lighthearted, and more financially prosperous, then you would do well to review the spiritual principles in this eBook and then look to see where and how you can incorporate these ideas into your life.


Daniel Gutierrez

Stepping Into Greatness eBook

Are you ready to make your life a success? Let author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker Daniel Gutierrez guide you to the greatness you’ve always dreamed of.

Daniel offers solid information on how you can cultivate your strengths, map your own success plan and live your dreams. Step into greatness with Dan as your guide and discover your true passions and readiness to challenge old, limiting beliefs. With Dan’s help, you’ll learn when to say “yes” to your own greatness and “no” to the attitudes that hold you back and keep you from realizing your full potential.


Lewis & Diane Denbaum

Madly in Love Forever: A Guide to True and Lasting Love eBook

This is not a book of therapy or “clinical” recommendations. These are the hard-earned lessons of two people just like you and me, lessons that helped them learn how to love again—at a level they could previously only imagine and yearn for. This is a wealth of information and heartfelt stories that will show you how to put an end to the loneliness and frustration of “relationship suffering.”

Want to love and be loved forever? Read this amazing book so that you can enjoy being in relationships again. And, since this is a true “his and hers” book, make sure your lover has their own copy!”


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