Rituals for Intimacy

Daily Practices for Deeper Relationships


Rituals for Intimacy



The next workshop is open to all couples who wants to spice up their relationship.



Work. Chores. Kids. Family challenges. Financial issues. These are all things that can drive a wedge between you and your spouse. With each new challenge, you may be losing the connection that you felt when you met, deadening your relationship and leaving it as not much more than a business partnership.


Get Back to Being Madly In Love Forever with Rituals for Intimacy

If you want more out of your relationship with your spouse – more connection, more communication, more intimacy, then there are things that you can do to get back to the feelings that you had when you met. The solution is simple. By creating rituals that you and your spouse share, you can instantly connect no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Spend two hours with a Madly In Love Forever relationship expert and you’ll learn how to deepen your relationship in ways you never expected.

You’ll be Learning About:

  • A simple daily sentence for nourishing your partner.
  • Keeping things juicy in just 10 seconds a day.
  • Lighting up your love life with a special candle ceremony.
  • Building connection using five essential questions.
  • Touching each other’s heart for connection.
  • And much more–resulting in a practical and effective set of tools for enhancing your intimacy!


How do we know that the Madly In Love Forever techniques work?

Because my wife Diane and I use them every single day. In our role as relationship success experts, we have seen how these techniques can revitalize a relationship and have used them to solidify our own relationship. We want to work with you to help you have the relationship that you want and desire.

Why wait?

With the short, two hour investment you’ll make at this workshop, you’ll learn how to speak responsibly and listen deeply, the very keys to getting what you want in life. This will be accomplish with a combination of presentation, demonstration and hands-on practicing.

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