Susan Bratton Interview Hightlights

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Listen to five highlights from Susan Bratton’s Interview.

Wow, during her May 21st interview, Susan Bratton generously revealed a simple yet almost fool-proof way of boosting a man’s success in the romance and intimacy department. Her advice can lead to significantly more satisfaction and success whether it be marriage, a long term  relationship or a dating situation, even if the man has little or no previous experience or success. Ultimately, it’s about creating a lot more fun and  excitement for both partners and something every man needs to try for himself.

The following five highlights get right to the heart of it and are only from 46 seconds to 3 minutes long and will take less then 10 minutes of your time:


1) This Highlight introduces the possibility and importance of knowing how to get a yes from your woman every time.

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2) How and why getting a yes from your wife, girlfriend or lover is very different then getting a yes in a business situation.

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3) It’s essential for a man to learn how to provide the woman in his life with multiple options and choices.

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4) Give her the opportunity, again and again, to say yes to your choices and you will notice a corresponding and growing increase in her level of appreciation, relaxation and pleasure when she is with you.

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5) How and why to continue to build the momentum and skill in providing choices and offers to the woman in your life and why you’ll always end up happy with the outcome.

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Don’t forget to download the free eBook that contains the notes of the entire call with Susan and the three conversation starters. Link to free eBook

This is just the tip of the iceberg concerning the great knowledge that Susan has to offer.

Download the FULL INTERVIEW with Susan Bratton here

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