The Benefits of Joining Our Men’s Telesummit Community Include Valuable Free Events, Activities & Services

In May of 2013, twenty five renowned experts participated in a very successful telesummit that focused exclusively on men. Though our first telesummit has ended, this site has become the center for a rapidly growing and expanding men’s telesummit community.

We are continuing to provide ongoing valuable free services and activities focused exclusively on men and men’s issues.  These services and activities will continue to expand over time. They include:

● More men’s telesummits

● Additional mini-teleseminars on various subjects

● Weekly e-mails are available containing excellent audio highlights from our telesummit speaker interviews that include valuable written commentary. This not only adds value to the existing audio content but allows those who did not attend or missed significant portions to get a feel for and benefit from what they missed. It also allows attendees to re-listen to some of their favorite interviews. Listen to this excerpt from Dennis Lewis’ Interview.

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● Opportunities for discussion, sharing and expression of knowledge and opinions on men’s issues and topics via telesummits, mini-teleseminars, e-mail and on our men’s telesummit blog and  facebook page

● Announcements of upcoming events

● Product & service reviews along with opportunities for special bonuses and discounts

Women are also warmly welcome: Many of the registered attendees for our recent men’s telesummit were women and they were warmly welcomed and appreciated.  We continue to welcome the participation of woman who are interested in knowing more about men and what makes them successful and happy. We encourage them to take advantage of our free community resources and activities knowing that it’s occasionally possible that an event or activity could end up being for men only.

If you would like to be notified about ongoing opportunities concerning free events, activities and services, sign up by clicking here and completing the Free Registration information.

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