The Sadistic Warrior

The Warrior - Male Archetype

The Sadist (strong) and the Masochist (weak) are not personality types in this system and should not be used for categorization but for the recognition of energies or patterns of behavior that can be seen in all people to varying degrees.  We have already discussed the qualities of the mature warrior in his fullness, now we will examine how the mature warrior can fall under the influence of his fully developed shadow archetypes.

The Warrior can give us the ability to detach from emotional ties and human relationships temporarily for the sake of the mission at hand.  It can also provide a greater degree of clarity, focus, and courage in the face of overwhelming odds but when drawn upon too heavily this energy can begin to derange and disintegrate the emotional networks of the body-mind complex in terrifying ways.    When a man becomes too detached from his emotional center his heart becomes blocked, he loses the ability to empathize. Instead, he begins to derive his emotional pleasure vicariously through his ability to make others feel the way he feels inside: shamed, terrified, helpless, and panicked. He is disgusted by the weakness and vulnerability that has taken him over and seeks out those he sees as weaker to punish them. One of the goals of New Warrior training is to learn how to identify and face our shadows-through accountability, integrity, and integrating the other archetypes.

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