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In May of 2013, twenty five renowned experts participated in a very successful telesummit that focused exclusively on men. Though our first telesummit has ended, this site has become the center for a rapidly growing and expanding men’s telesummit community.

Valuable Free Events, Activities & Services:  We will be continuing to provide ongoing valuable free services and activities focused exclusively on men and men’s issues.  These services and activities will continue to expand over time. They include:

● More men’s telesummits

● Additional mini-teleseminars on various subjects

● Weekly e-mails are available containing excellent audio highlights from our telesummit speaker interviews that include valuable written commentary. This not only adds value to the existing audio content but allows those who did not attend or missed significant portions to get a feel for and benefit from what they missed. It also allows attendees to re-listen to some of their favorite interviews. Listen to this excerpt from Dennis Lewis’ Interview.

[ca_audio url_mp3=”http://lewisdenbaum.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/DennisLewisHighlight.mp3″ url_ogg=”” skin=”small” align=”none”]

● Opportunities for Q & A, discussion, sharing and expression of knowledge and opinions on men’s issues and topics via telesummits, mini-teleseminars, e-mail and on our Men’s Telesummit Blog and Facebook Page

● Announcements of upcoming events

● Product & service reviews along with opportunities for special bonuses and discounts

If you would like to be notified about ongoing opportunities about free events, activities and services, sign up by clicking on this link: Free Sign Up

Women are also warmly welcome: Many of the registered attendees for our recent men’s telesummit were women and they were warmly welcomed and appreciated.  We continue to welcome the participation of women who are interested in knowing more about men and what makes them successful and happy and we encourage them to take advantage of our free community resources and activities.

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More about the recent Men’s Telesummit:  Over 2000 people registered for the event. During twenty three interviews, our experts spoke on numerous topics and discussed many of the most critical challenges facing men in today’s world. They shared much sage advice and offered lots of incredibly valuable knowledge. They also provided many powerful and practical solutions to very real and difficult issues and problems.

About  Lewis Denbaum: Lewis was the host of the May 2013 Men’s Telesummit. As host, he conducted all the speaker interviews. He is also the chief organizer and sponsor of both the Men’s Telesummit and the ongoing Men’s Telesummit Community.  The following brief bio will begin to give you a better understanding of why he put this men’s telesummit together and created an ongoing men’s telesummit community:

Lewis graduated from the University of Iowa Law School with highest honors and the University Of Iowa School Of Business with a Master’s Degree in Accounting.  He enjoyed a successful career as an Attorney, Accountant and CFO navigating the complex world between law and finance but after suffering two painful divorces, he decided to devote his full energy towards figuring out which way is up in regards to love, marriage, and relationships.

His efforts paid off in 2006 when he married the love of his life Diane Denbaum; a Life Coach certified through the International CoachAcademy.  Together they authored the book, Madly In Love Forever: A Guide to True and Lasting Love”, became Certified Singles Coaches through the Relationship Coaching Institute and are now fulfilling their dream of sharing the benefits of what they have learned about communication and relationship success through workshops and one-on-one coaching.

In addition to their joint coaching and writing efforts, Lewis hosts and organizes Telesummits. Since 1994 he has been deeply involved in men’s circles and work through the likes of Justin Sterling, David Deida and The Mankind Project. As an important fulfillment of his own life mission he offers workshops specific to men and men’s issues and is passionate about helping men discover and live their mission, and balance mission and relationship. He is a “full contact” personal development coach who provides men with a firm but caring nudge towards a fuller destiny with an emphasis on pragmatism and compassion. 

Why there is a critical need for more events that specifically explore and address men’s needs and more on what motivated Lewis to create Men’s Telesummits and an ongoing Men’s Telesummit Community: 

1) In today’s rapidly changing world, men are constantly facing very difficult challenges in the areas of work, relationships and spiritual life. These challenges can seem overwhelming at times, resulting in stress, depression, anger, bankruptcy, foreclosure and divorce.2) The interest from men is growing as indicated by the rapid growth of organizations like The Mankind Project and a recent increase of successful major events like Oprah’s show on Fatherless Sons.

3) At the same time there is strong evidence of a high level of masculine imbalance and dysfunction as indicated by the dozen mass murders that were all committed by males in the past year and by the many returning soldiers who are homeless or suffering from serious physical, mental, emotional and financial problems.

4) Couple this with the fact that men’s attendance at most self-help, self improvement, or spiritual workshops and events is much lower than women’s, indicating that men’s needs are not being sufficiently addressed.

 A Quick overview of Speakers and Topics from the May 2013 Men’s Telesummit: 

The Telesummit took place over a three week period and each week had a particular focus. Our twenty five highly regarded specialists were interviewed on twenty three  topics, where they specifically addressed a variety of critical issues with clarity, depth, insight and humor. Speaking of humor, a special highlight of the event was World Famous Comedian, Yakov Smirnoff, being interviewed about the value and use of humor in solving many of man’s most difficult relationship problems. 

During Week One, Saniel Bonder, Dennis Lewis, Daniel Gutierrez, Stephen Dinan, Debra Poneman, Terry Patten and Craig Hamilton Participated in powerful conversations about Spirit and its application in every aspect of a man’s life.

In Week Two, Chris Attwood, Randy Crutcher, Vic Johnson, Zappy Zapolin, Ryan Harris, James Braha, Lama Surya Das and host Lewis Denbaum, focused on how men can create greater mastery, satisfaction and success in work, career and business.

Week Three focused on relationships and included important, insightful and highly valuable discussions concerning community, mentoring, family, intimacy, romance and sex. Our week three experts were Bill Kauth, Susan Bratton, David Kaar, Lion Goodman, Richard Platt, Mark Schillinger, Yakov Smirnoff and Michael Taylor. 

For more info on speakers, topics and the overall event, click this link to the original home page:  Men’s Telesummit Home Page

While at the Telesummit Home Page:

● Clicking on a speaker’s photo or name will take you to their bio and more about their interview topic.

● At the top of the page and to the left is a video of Lewis inviting men to the event.

● At the top of the page and to the right is a box for providing your name and e-mail address so we can keep you informed of valuable free events and activities. This  includes both ongoing and new opportunities.

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If you missed some or all of our Men’s Telesummit or just want to re-listen, you can still enjoy the experience and receive all the benefits and wisdom by listening to the MP3 recordings of our Speaker Interviews. We’ve also begun creating and sharing Select Audio Highlights of our Speaker Interviews. More of these Highlights are in the works.

Full Speaker Interviews are available for as little as $1.40 each and the new Highlights are free. 

For more on  how to get the Audio/Mp3 verions of the Original Speaker Interviews click on this link: Overview & Pricing

To hear Select Highlights of Our Speakers Interviews as well as read valuable written commentary, click on this link: Men’s Telesummit Highlights

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